Ciampi Family Practice is very pleased to continue our relationship with Hutchins Trucking Company


Eligible employees of Hutchins Trucking are welcome to enroll themselves and eligible family members into our Direct Family Practice subscription program.

We take pride in providing our patients with high quality primary care services by offering unprecedented access to their personal physician in the office, with visits usually offered within one business day.  Our usual visits are 30 minutes, and annual wellness exams are up to an hour, so there is no need for us to feel rushed.  For your convenience, we are also available by phone and e-mail for issues that do not require an in-person appointment.  The great news is that there are no co-payments, ever!

We also supply to our patients several generic medications which we are happy to provide at wholesale cost.  While it is hard to believe, this will often save our patients even more money than if they used the big pharmacies’ discount medication lists.

We work with laboratories to negotiate tremendous cash discounts on blood tests, which we also provide to our patients at wholesale cost, avoiding the mark up experienced at other labs that can be as high as 2000%!



  • Hutchins Trucking will cover the cost of the monthly subscription, as well as any laboratory studies and vaccines that are deemed to be preventative in nature.



  • The wholesale cost of any generic medications prescribed and dispensed through Ciampi Family Practice that we have in stock or custom order for you
  • The cost of any laboratory studies obtained by Ciampi Family Practice and sent to an outside lab for processing that are not covered by insurance as preventative, (plus a $10 lab draw fee).
  • The wholesale cost of any vaccines that are not considered preventative or supplied by the State of Maine
  • Any special services that are not covered under the agreement we have with Hutchins Trucking, such time spent on depositions for legal cases, etc.

(We are happy to provide receipts for above services with information needed to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement and/or deductible purposes.)