•  Complete price transparency and predictability
  • For employees without insurance, DPC provides provides an affordable option for them to have a primary care physician.
  • For companies sending employees to the federal exchange, those plans usually have high deductibles.  A DPC subscription can help minimize out of pocket expenses for employees.
  • For companies who provide insurance, as premiums increase, higher deductibles are the more affordable option. Contributing to a DPC membership dramatically reduces employees’ out of pocket expenses.
  • With a $6000 annual deductible, a DPC subscription can provide 80-90% of actual medical care for the equivalent of ten percent of the deductible.
  • We save on office visits, labs, and medication costs.
  • For every emergency room visit we prevent, the subscription can pay for itself for several years.
  • Less time away from work for employees because of improved availability, short wait times, and e-mail access to the doctor for minor issues and quick questions
  • Potential savings on Workman’s Compensation claims
  • DOT Physicals included as part of the membership fee.
  • A DPC membership, in combination with a high deductible insurance plan provides nearly complete coverage for employees at a lower cost than standard insurance coverage.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) gives your employees direct access to a doctor you know and trust. It's better, more convenient, and less expensive primary care, without the complicated bureaucracy of health insurance. It will save you money and allow you to keep happier more productive employees!